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Where am I at?

Greetings Comrades,
I need to develop a habit of writing every day. I decided to use Brilliant Deviant for this purpose. It’s been neglected. Life got in the way. I need to flex my writing muscles and tendons and veins. I may even start vlogging soon. Blogging will be my gateway drug.[…]

Getting links from both sides of the argument

Is it possible to get The Times and Occupy London to link to the same content piece? Yes it is.
Take a look at this interactive piece. It combined property prices for each London borough (from the Land Registry), median salaries and provided the number of new residential builds per borough.[…]


Everything Can Change In An Instant

In business and in life more generally, everything can change in an instant.
I’ll bet a good majority of you are thinking I mean “bad things can come out of nowhere.”
This is true. However, we discount that we can’t see the positive things that come from that same place.
People mock positive thinking and sure,[…]

Styles Make Fights

Styles Make Fights

I’ve worked in marketing for a long time and although my team lost, I have to give credit where it’s due and say the Leave campaign was technically brilliant. It was crafty, targeted, well timed and wove in some subtle psychological devices to great effect.
The Remain camp had a more difficult brief and they were under far more pressure than their opponents.[…]

Finding A Way To Win

Finding A Way To Win

This series will look at events that have occurred in the world of business, marketing, and all that other stuff that goes on in the world every so often. I hope these are useful to any business owner, either by providing a new perspective or enabling stealthy procrastination. I’m struggling to write a succinct introduction to this first piece,[…]

Make Them Switch Gears

In direct response copywriting, the most important part is getting your email opened the first 2 lines read. In direct mail, the goal is the same. In short, avoid being ignored, or thrown in the virtual trashcan or the very real bin.
Let’s focus on email for this particular post. The key variables are:

Subject Line
Introduction or “Greeting”[…]

What Is This All About?

Brilliant Deviant provides a new choice for businesses looking for marketing support.
Our goals:

Provide exceptional marketing consultancy and execution services without the gigantic agency price tag
Create exceptional training videos that are available to businesses of all sizes
Continually create content that educates, entertains and inspires[…]