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Monthly Archive: July 2016

Anger, Empathy, Strategy and Goat Voter Apathy

“Leaving the EU is an act of economic self-harm with global ramifications” is the first line The Economist published on the topic. To me, the tragic irony is that a solid majority (not all, I know people of all backgrounds who voted leave) of the people who voted for it, are the ones who will suffer from it’s ramifications the most.[…]

Finding A Way To Win

This series will look at events that have occurred in the world of business, marketing, and all that other stuff that goes on in the world every so often. I hope these are useful to any business owner, either by providing a new perspective or enabling stealthy procrastination. I’m struggling to write a succinct introduction to this first piece,[…]

Insignificant Changes Shield

Welcome to the debut edition of “Agency Scams”. We’ll never mention any names but feel it’s right that clients are aware of the less than ethical practices that go on sometimes.
This is a common scam used when an agency providing SEO services doesn’t seem to be improving a clients rankings at all.[…]