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Providing The Negative Upfront

People get so much crap in their email and in the post. You need to make your prospect switch gears.
We can learn something here from Warren Buffet. In his stock presentations, he starts with bad news.
Why would he do such a thing? 
a) He’s gets the bad news out the way.[…]

New To The World Of Marketing / Advertising / Copywriting? This is for you.

I’ve been doing this a long time.
Since I was 12 years old I’ve been obsessed with creative online projects. I moved to London in 2006 for my first job in digital marketing. There’s a whole story here. I owned a business for five years before this, but that’s story for another day.[…]

Big Hitters Win The Pitch Then Vanish

Welcome to the second edition of “Agency Scams”. We’ll never mention any names but feel it’s right that clients are aware of the less than ethical practices that go on sometimes.
This scam happens in the pitch process, usually by larger agencies trying to win over big brands. The heavyweights are above pitching to smaller clients.[…]

NAD+ Brain Reboot Therapy

I stumbled across something remarkably intriguing and had to try it for myself. I’ll stop writing now because I made a short video of my experience and if your curious you’ll hit the play button with gusto.
This is potentially the least athletic use of a Go-Pro camera ever.
Thank you Yassine at Zen Healthcare for taking care of me![…]

I Have Exciting News

This gorgeous device will be mine soon. A friend (Thank you, Rosie!) stumbled across it on Oxfam and knew I was thinking of buying one. It was love at first sight.
My reasons are as follows:

No distractions. No Facebook or Twitter or Reddit or Memes. I will write more.
No batteries needed.[…]

Styles Make Fights

I’ve worked in marketing for a long time and although my team lost, I have to give credit where it’s due and say the Leave campaign was technically brilliant. It was crafty, targeted, well timed and wove in some subtle psychological devices to great effect.
The Remain camp had a more difficult brief and they were under far more pressure than their opponents.[…]

Anger, Empathy, Strategy and Goat Voter Apathy

“Leaving the EU is an act of economic self-harm with global ramifications” is the first line The Economist published on the topic. To me, the tragic irony is that a solid majority (not all, I know people of all backgrounds who voted leave) of the people who voted for it, are the ones who will suffer from it’s ramifications the most.[…]

Finding A Way To Win

This series will look at events that have occurred in the world of business, marketing, and all that other stuff that goes on in the world every so often. I hope these are useful to any business owner, either by providing a new perspective or enabling stealthy procrastination. I’m struggling to write a succinct introduction to this first piece,[…]

Insignificant Changes Shield

Welcome to the debut edition of “Agency Scams”. We’ll never mention any names but feel it’s right that clients are aware of the less than ethical practices that go on sometimes.
This is a common scam used when an agency providing SEO services doesn’t seem to be improving a clients rankings at all.[…]

Shooting Starr

To some it may seem bizarre,
that I’m dating this girl called Starr.
And god-damn, for the longest time,
I could only dream of her from afar.
I’ll admit, she’s somewhat of an acquired taste,
But her demeanour is something to be embraced.
You’ll find nobody on this planet like this girl,[…]