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What Is This All About?

Brilliant Deviant provides a new choice for businesses looking for marketing support.
Our goals:

Provide exceptional marketing consultancy and execution services without the gigantic agency price tag
Create exceptional training videos that are available to businesses of all sizes
Continually create content that educates, entertains and inspires[…]

Learning To Lose

This is another post mostly aimed at those new to this weird world of marketing and it’s many tentacles.
In this game, it’s easy to mope when you lose. It could be a job you wanted, a pitch you thought was unbeatable or something even else entirely. You may look up to people and wonder “They always seem to be on top”[…]

New To The World Of Marketing / Advertising / Copywriting? This is for you.

I’ve been doing this a long time.
Since I was 12 years old I’ve been obsessed with creative online projects. I moved to London in 2006 for my first job in digital marketing. There’s a whole story here. I owned a business for five years before this, but that’s story for another day.[…]

NAD+ Brain Reboot Therapy

I stumbled across something remarkably intriguing and had to try it for myself. I’ll stop writing now because I made a short video of my experience and if your curious you’ll hit the play button with gusto.
This is potentially the least athletic use of a Go-Pro camera ever.
Thank you Yassine at Zen Healthcare for taking care of me![…]

I Have Exciting News

This gorgeous device will be mine soon. A friend (Thank you, Rosie!) stumbled across it on Oxfam and knew I was thinking of buying one. It was love at first sight.
My reasons are as follows:

No distractions. No Facebook or Twitter or Reddit or Memes. I will write more.
No batteries needed.[…]