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Getting links from both sides of the argument

Is it possible to get The Times and Occupy London to link to the same content piece? Yes it is.

Take a look at this interactive piece. It combined property prices for each London borough (from the Land Registry), median salaries and provided the number of new residential builds per borough.

The graphic shows 3 stories in particular which published or referenced (and linked to) the interactive graphic.

  1. The Times featuring the entire interactive graphic as a whole.
  2. A Croydon blog details how Croydon has seen the slowest growth of any borough – and there are still fewer residential builds going on in Croydon than anywhere in the capital.
  3. Occupy London writes extensively on just how meteoric prices have risen across London.

Why did this get coverage?

Property price fluctuations in big cities are always a newsworthy topic. There are clear winners – and clear losers if prices go up or down – or the pace of growth changes.

This graphic enabled stories to be written about London as a whole, and about individual boroughs.

Combining the data on median salaries and the number of residential builds per borough added yet another angle for bloggers and journalists to write about.

Providing this in an interactive format, and allowing smaller more local publications to only take the data relevant to their audience made it possible for journalists at these publications to use it to write a story.

The next level

How do you take this further?

RightMove’s property price index is the de-facto resource for when any journalist wants to write a story about property prices in general.

You’ll often find stories that reference Right Move’s House Price Index. Journalists can use all this data to write their own stories – whatever their biases or intentions.

They allow anyone to examine market trends by post code. This opens up further opportunities for stories that discuss specific areas.

While Right-Move is still the most often quoted index, Zoopla are having a go at beating them by being more beautiful. Check this out:

I will be writing an additional post all about ‘de-facto resources’ in the coming days. I’m sure you’ll all very excited 🙂

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