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Welcome to the debut edition of “Agency Scams”. We’ll never mention any names but feel it’s right that clients are aware of the less than ethical practices that go on sometimes.

This is a common scam used when an agency providing SEO services doesn’t seem to be improving a clients rankings at all. Nine months have gone by and things are, well, pretty much the same. There may be a few little improvements, which are given more time than they deserve when the agency presents to the client. The real reason for the lack of real results is that the agency don’t know how to do effective link building, or may even use tactics that are prohibited by Google. The agency will point out that on page 32 of their SEO Audit, 3 alt tags haven’t been implemented. It doesn’t stop there as some of the description tags haven’t been implemented.

Basically the agency finds as many little things as possible that haven’t been implemented and this is why there is no improvement. “32 recommendations are still yet to go live. We’re helpless.” In reality, those 32 changes would make a negligible difference to rankings. The agency points to Google’s guidelines and win the argument by inane technicality and the client goes back to paying their invoice each month.

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