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Learning To Lose

This is another post mostly aimed at those new to this weird world of marketing and it’s many tentacles.

In this game, it’s easy to mope when you lose. It could be a job you wanted, a pitch you thought was unbeatable or something even else entirely. You may look up to people and wonder “They always seem to be on top” and let me tell you they are not.

It’s easy to get deluded when surrounded by people calling you a success or an inspiration and all those nice words, but never let me go to your head. I always told people that I didn’t consider myself a success but I’d be lying if it didn’t feel good or change my behaviour.

The worst effect is you make the decision talent alone is all you need. You’re a creative genius! You know this as people have told you so. It may be true that the path in life has granted you certain capabilities others have to work at. Never coast. You will be beaten by people with a better work ethic than you and that should hopefully be the wakeup call you need.

It is likely you will go through a lot of losses before you start winning. I remember winning 15 sales pitches in a row at my first agency before losing 7. I remember constantly winning sales at another agency and thinking I was some kind of business development genius. It turns out, I was given the best leads. I was very good – but I was given an unfair advantage. You cannot do this alone. You have flaws you’re aware of and others you won’t admit. You will lose small and big. Never fear, it’s all about contrasts. Without the losses, the wins mean nothing. “Sometimes you win, you sometimes you learn” is a great quote.

If you have your health, you have the most important component you need for success. Just add “Work Hard” and “Don’t Mope When You Lose” to your collection of little quotes you need to remember, and you’ll do just fine.

This platitude was brought to you by Brilliant Deviant.

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