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In direct response copywriting, the most important part is getting your email opened the first 2 lines read. In direct mail, the goal is the same. In short, avoid being ignored, or thrown in the virtual trashcan or the very real bin.

Let’s focus on email for this particular post. The key variables are:

  • Subject Line
  • Introduction or “Greeting” Line
  • First “Real” Line

Subject Line

It’s important to look at this from the prospects eyes.

They don’t know who you are.

Your name is an unknown.

This sounds like a massive disadvantage.

However, you can turn it into an advantage.

Let’s take the problem and turn it into a positive.

Your subject line should based around the fact you are an unknown.

Don’t pretend you know a prospect when you don’t. Using “RE: Our Meeting” is insulting. Who are you pitching to? Goldfish?

The subject line needs to get your prospect curious.

Think about that. What would pique your interest from a stranger?

I have my way of doing it. I won’t give it away here, but have a think. You may develop something better than me.

Introduction Line

The introduction line needs to be different from “Dear Sir”, “Dear Mr. Davies”, “Mr. Davies”, “Hello Mr. Davies”.

Differentiate. Click here for all the other ways of saying “hello”.

You’ll find a variety of words more interesting and amusing than ‘hello’ that will make your prospect smile just one word into your email.

Use the first name only. Start on informal terms.

First “Real” Line

This line should be succinct.

What can you both agree on at this point?

Perhaps you should admit exactly what you’re doing?

We can learn from Warren Buffet here.

I’m aware this is all vague advice.

I’m working on a full video guide that gives you all the detail you’ll need.

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