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NAD+ Brain Reboot Therapy

I stumbled across something remarkably intriguing and had to try it for myself. I’ll stop writing now because I made a short video of my experience and if your curious you’ll hit the play button with gusto.

This is potentially the least athletic use of a Go-Pro camera ever.

Thank you Yassine at Zen Healthcare for taking care of me!

NAD+ is more well known in the United States but virtually unknown in the United Kingdom. 

If you click the link below, you’ll find a very balanced view of NAD which you should give a read should you be interested further.

The following information is taken from:

“ reported on the benefits of NAD treatment in their article by Amy Morales, which sites the following success stories:

“• Doug, a health-conscious personal fitness trainer who experienced CTS (Chronic Traumatic Encylopathy) from several football injuries, would drink copious amounts of vodka at night to allow his amped-up body and mind to relax and shut down. He tried exercise and nutrition to get past anxiety-based insomnia; nothing worked. He knew that a 12-step program or therapy that dealt with past history wouldn’t work for him given that his issue was clearly a chemical imbalance. After just 20 minutes with his first NAD IV, he experienced a state of well-being he hadn’t felt in his entire adult life. His angst was gone, and the neuro-transmitters that lay dormant in his brain felt alive again. After the first day of treatment he was able to sleep soundly, and he told me he’d been craving-free for more than four months. He takes an NAD supplement and goes back monthly for a booster.

• After several tours of duty in Iraq, Patrick, a Marine, became a heavy heroin user after trying many other ways to self-medicate his PTSD and resulting insomnia. He admitted himself to two traditional inpatient treatments, one lasting 57 days. The first day out of each, he relapsed. After day four of the NAD treatment, during which he experienced no withdrawal symptoms, he felt completely clear and now sleeps without nightmares. He gets boosters once a month and has been drug free and PTSD free for several years.

• Steve, also an Iraq veteran, had nine neck surgeries in five years. He used pain pills and opiate drugs to deal with constant physical pain as well as intense PTSD. He entered the NAD program out of a desperate desire to be free of his addictions in that he has children and perceived a good life ahead of him. Starting the NAD program with a pain scale of eight, within ten days the pain eased down to a one. On bad days, he says, it now goes up to a two, but is easily managed with a couple of Aleve. With only slight withdrawal symptoms, he told me he is now 100% craving free and his PTSD is also gone. He continues to take the oral NAD supplement but has not needed any booster treatments. He did the program in November, 2013.

• Sandy is a young woman whose addiction to pain killers and amphetamines spiraled from recreational use to a full-on necessity. For three years she was not able to get out of bed without drugs, the lowest point of her life. She researched various other programs and told me she was baffled by the concept of replacing one drug addiction with another as a “cure.” After eight days of NAD treatment, she no longer thinks about using at all. Her mood is good, her energy is up, and she’s happy, she reported. Clean for a year and a half, she believes it was the combination of the in-home IV treatment she received and the warm caring from the clinic staff that made the difference. She has had two boosters and believes she won’t need any more to remain addiction free.”

This therapy is therefore indicated for:
Anyone with any chronic condition or “auto-immune disease”
Anyone with any unknown, strange, undiagnosed illness
Anyone with any chronic pain form injury of illness
Anyone with high blood pressure
Anyone with high cholesterol
Anyone with Diabetes
Anyone with any addictions
Anyone with low energy

It should be noted that NAD activates HPV (Human Papiloma Virus). Should you take NAD and then experience pelvic pain or develop warts, especially genital or plantar (on the bottom of foot), you should discontinue use of the NAD and address the HPV. HPV can be treated with natural means and a good internet search should turn up more data on that but some very good antivirals are Olive Leaf Extract, L-Lysine, and Colloidal Silver; all of which can be purchased online.

According to doctors working with NAD for addiction, withdrawals are greatly diminished, and a sense of health and well being is quickly restored on the therapy. Those with other medical conditions see an immediate change as well on the IV Therapy. Both those treating for addiction and illness can see results from home supplementation, though the positive results may take longer to manifest, and those suffering genetic or chronic NED will need permanent supplementation; but all will find great relief whichever route they take.”


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