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Providing The Negative Upfront


People get so much crap in their email and in the post. You need to make your prospect switch gears.

We can learn something here from Warren Buffet. In his stock presentations, he starts with bad news.

Why would he do such a thing? 

a) He’s gets the bad news out the way.

b) It’s the honest and correct thing to do.

c) Everything else he has to say has more credibility.

In the guide, I will give the specific examples that have worked for me. For now, think about what the “elephant in the room” is, and how you can bring it up in line one of your cold email or letter.

Something you both know but don’t want to mention.

You can even make humour out of it.

Bring it up and get it over with.

Now you have them reading. You’ve gone further than pretty much every other cold email he or she has received in a long time.

Think about this.

I’m aware this is all vague advice.

I’m working on a full video guide that gives you all the detail you’ll need.

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