Brilliant Deviant

Shooting Starr

Shooting Starr

To some it may seem bizarre,

that I’m dating this girl called Starr.

And god-damn, for the longest time,

I could only dream of her from afar.

I’ll admit, she’s somewhat of an acquired taste,

But her demeanour is something to be embraced.

You’ll find nobody on this planet like this girl,

It just takes time for her personality to unfurl.

Many people said I was taking a huge chance,

But I knew from the very first glance,

That this was the girl I’d constantly crave,

So I asked her out and I survived unscathed,

I finally got my dream girl. I remain amazed.

Some of the best stories have little explanation,

We just both had an all consuming motivation.

So you see, one day I met a girl most spectacular,

and now we both have a place on each others calender.

I find there nothing at all bizarre,

about dating my shooting Starr.

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