Brilliant Deviant

Social Proof

I’m biased. However, other people think I’m not so bad either.

Here is a selection of my favourite recommendations.

My LinkedIn page shows all of them.

I love copywriting. Des doesn’t give compliments easy. He did give me one heck of a challenging project recently though!

Dang. Those are some nice words. Thank you, Rita.

I like to think I am ahead of the curve, and it’s because I take chances. The last line is classic James.

I can’t argue with a word of what Kevin has said here.

Nice words from the time I spent working with Symantec on their social media and content marketing campaigns.

Asher is the man. That’s a well written recommendation. One of the few people I’ll admit is likely, overall, a better copywriter than me.

It seems Anik knew even before I did that I wrote good copy.

Not enough? Need more proof? No problem!

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