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Anger, Empathy, Strategy and Goat Voter Apathy

Stoffel The Goat

“Leaving the EU is an act of economic self-harm with global ramifications” is the first line The Economist published on the topic. To me, the tragic irony is that a solid majority (not all, I know people of all backgrounds who voted leave) of the people who voted for it, are the ones who will suffer from it’s ramifications the most. The uneducated and poor are ignored, maligned and often desperate with little hope and were were sold a medicine for their ills, by very intelligent professionals who crafted a very clever and complex campaign. As a communications professional myself, I begrudgingly have to give it praise because it was cunning and masterful and used some subtle devices that proved very effective. So seldom do we see political campaigns this meticulous and intricate and woven together with such sophistication. However, I do feel sorry for those who find out not only were they not sold medicine,  but something more like poison. I have empathy for these people, rather than anger. This victory brought them hope, when anything but is on its way. On a human to human level, this is very sad.

I want to end on a positive note, so here’s 3 positive side effects of this shock result.

        • Stand up comedians have a topic that everyone is aware of. This is like gold to stand ups. Some of the jokes may be funny, which we all need right now.

        • Selfishly, I’m going to contact as many American companies as possible to drum up business. I find our American friends do deals quicker and pay upfront which is totally alien to me. I almost have to clean certain clients kitchens in the UK before I get paid.

        • Maybe, just maybe, this shock to the system will be a catalyst for the public to become interested, and engaged in the political system.

If you say option 3 in the right tone, it could be taken as a joke. That’s also quite sad. Damn. I’m struggling to find a positive.

Stoffel The Goat

Enjoy this photo of a goat I found on Google Images. According to the Internet, his name is Stoffel. According to my various imaginary sources, Stoffel didn’t even bother to register to vote. I suspect, and this is just a hunch, it’s because Stoffel isn’t a huge fan of cogent political debate. It’s likely he doesn’t think about it a whole lot and doesn’t understand the issues even at their most basic level. People complain about voter apathy but I think Stoffel was quite responsible in staying away from the voting booth.

I tried to contact Stoffel but he was unavailable for comment. I have mulled over the idea that Stoffel didn’t vote because he’s a goat and not a person and that may be somewhat of an issue so we probably shouldn’t rule that out. It’s always best to keep an open mind.

I’m going to stop typing now because I should be working rather than writing about the big issues for my numerous visitors.

Stay vigilant,

Jonny B Deviant

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