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Where am I at?

Greetings Comrades,

I need to develop a habit of writing every day. I decided to use Brilliant Deviant for this purpose. It’s been neglected. Life got in the way. I need to flex my writing muscles and tendons and veins. I may even start vlogging soon. Blogging will be my gateway drug.

I’m a little bit sick at the moment but ploughing through.

Where am I at?

  • I’ve resolved some personal issues which were having a huge effect on my overall happiness and well-being.
  • I feel a lot more positive. I’ve started work on a work project I’d put off for months. I love working on it. It doesn’t feel like work at all.
  • I’m working on client projects that I know I can do well, that I enjoy doing, and I get paid well for doing them. A reasonably good balance of creativity,  job satisfaction, and money.
  • I’m having some help putting my brand identity together for Charm Offensive. I’ve used a generic WordPress template for too long. I’m excited about this.
  • I am nerding it up learning about sales funnels. I’m using ConvertKit at the moment. I will start using Clickfunnels when the monthly fee makes sense. For now, all the automation, sequences and clever stuff you can do is incredibly interesting. I suspect I’ll wonder how I ever ran a business without this technology.
  • I’m about to start experimenting with Facebook Ads. I think my skills with creating compelling and effective direct mail and cold email campaigns will be useful in this new endeavour. We shall see.
  • I’m working with an old friend on a writing project. I need to give more time to this. I am debating having one day per week just focused on ‘not work’ writing. Yeah, I’m doing that.
  • My finances look better. I’m sending less frantic emails chasing invoices. I’m charging appropriately for work. I should probably charge more. Case studies will help me do this. I am confident that I will have some impressive ones quite soon.
  • My health is better. I do need to start exercising just a little every day. Routine is important. I’ve started waking up earlier. It’s amazing how much more you get done and how different your mindset is all day.
  • My overall mindset is better. I’ve started seeing someone who is helping me use cognitive behavioural therapy to help with my anxiety. Already, I see a difference. (This isn’t costing me anything – the guy is finishing his qualification. He is looking for one more patient. If you’re based in London and interested, let me know.

What do I want to work on?

  • Exercise every day. When I’m not sick, I’ll do this. I think I should be fine by Monday.
  • Meditate every day. I didn’t mention this earlier but I think this would compliment the cognitive behavioural therapy well. I’ve not done this today. I’ll do this before bed.
  • Write every day. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!
  • See my friends and family more. Go out more even if I don’t feel like it. I always feel better when I do.
  • Drink less. Hangovers are getting brutal. It makes me less productive and more negative. I find the ‘not doing’ habits harder than the ‘doing’ habits. If anyone has any advice, please comment or ping me a message.

That was fun. It looks like this will be a good little accountability journal. I hope I can write something every single day. No grand goals. Just get stuff out.

That’s it. Back to work.

Have a wonderful Thursday folks.

Stay outta trouble,


P.S. It looks like I’ve messed something up with the headers and footers of this site. Oops! Perhaps a rogue plug-in. Hmm.

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